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How do I import PDFs?

Import from another app
You can import PDFs from other apps very easily. When viewing the PDF in Safari for example, tap the share button, and then the Open in Other App button. PaperDesk will display as an option. Once you import PDFs, you can type or draw on them as if they were any other note in PaperDesk.

Import from Dropbox
First, link PaperDesk with your Dropbox account from any of the Dropbox buttons in the app. Then, when viewing your desk of notes, just tap the + button and choose “Import from Dropbox”

Import from iTunes
You can also import PDFs from iTunes. When your iPad is connected to iTunes, browse to the Apps panel and scroll down to the file sharing section. Here you can add PDF files from your computer. The next time you open PaperDesk, tap the + button on your desk, and choose import PDF.

Can I change the font or the color of the text?

Yes, new in version 4!
Now in version 4, you change the font, color, or size while taking notes by tapping the rainbow icon. You can either select text to change its font, or change the font, and then begin typing. When you change the font, all of your text will remain spaced correctly on the lines of the notebook.

How do I get my notes onto Dropbox?

First, signup for a Dropbox account at Dropbox.com if you don’t already have an account. You can link PaperDesk to Dropbox by either tapping the Autosync button, or the Dropbox button under the share menu while editing a note. Once linked, you can either upload individual notebooks to Dropbox while editing the note by tapping the share menu, choosing the pages, and tapping the Dropbox button. Or , you can choose to automatically upload a new PDF of all of your notebooks whenever you make a change, and backup your notes to Dropbox automatically by tapping the Autosync button on your desk.

How can I get my audio recordings from PaperDesk?

The recordings are accessible in iTunes using App File Sharing. See this tutorial. You will see folders named after the dates and times each notebook was created. The audio recordings are in these folders.

Can I password protect my notes?

Open PaperDesk to the desk view, and tap the settings button on the bottom (indicated by gears). From here you can set a password, and change the style of PaperDesk. You will also be asked for a recovery email, in the event you forget the password!

Can I sort my notebooks?

Order by date or name
You can reorder the notebooks by date or name by tapping the Date and Name buttons on the desk in the bottom right hand corner. You can also create folders and organize your notes into them.

Can I transfer my notes from the LITE to the full version?

Of Course!
Once you have purchased and downloaded PaperDesk full version, reopen the Lite version, and tap the Upgrade button again. When the alert box appears, choose the Transfer Notebooks button. Once the process is finished, reopen the full version of PaperDesk, and all of your notebooks will be just as they were in the Lite version.

Is there a quick way to add a date and time stamp?

Yep, we thought of that too!
When in text mode while taking notes, tap the page to bring up the popup menu, and then tap the right arrow button to view more options. The date and time will be visible, just tap one to insert it!

How do I delete an audio file, bookmark, or task?

Just swipe across it
You can delete just about anything that is in a list in PaperDesk by swiping across it with your finger, and tapping the delete button.

How do I change the color or title of a notebook?

Tap the Info button
Tapping the info button on the notebook allows you to easily change the color or the title of a notebook. This also works with PDFs.

The undo button only works for drawing, how can I undo text?

Shake your iPad!
The iPad actually has built in text undo in all apps. Just shake your iPad and the undo alert will display, asking you if you would like to undo your text input. In a future version, we plan to enable this also by tapping the undo button.

How do I change the paper style?

Lined Paper, Graph Paper, Parchment…
While taking notes, just tap the icon that looks like a piece of paper. You can choose from a selection of paper styles, and apply it to the page you are editing, or make it the default for future pages in the notebook.

Are you going to bring PaperDesk to Android?

At this time, we do not have plans to bring PaperDesk to any other platform.

Is there a zoom feature?

No, not at this time. But we plan on adding one as we decide the best way to implement it.